A Day in the Life #4

Would you like to see what it might be like to be a student at Lytle’s Beauty College? Is it exciting and fun? Scary sometimes? (Hint: The answer is Yes to all!) But read on to look inside at a day int he life and why our students wouldn’t trade a minute of it in our blog A Day in the Life…

A DAY IN THE SALON: 3/6/12 – 824 hours (about half way through the program) – Student Designer

Today was probably the most productive and amazing day I’ve had in a while. I did 7 ops (operations) IN ONE DAY! I did 3 perms, 2 haircuts, a thermal and one disinfection and sanitation. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF, you have no idea. I also had a client which was one of the haircuts. I felt like I made a really good connection with her too! We even made physical contact as she reached out to touch my arm or shoulder when talking. It was an all around really good connection. She was very pleased with my service and her haircut too. I can now do a haircut with minimum help. And Kim… Kim is one of the Floor Educators and I just have to rave about her. She boosts my confidence which is really important. I can also relate to her really well, not only on a professional level but also on a personal level and thats the way it is with all the Educators. It’s not just a work environment, we also learn about each other (students and staff) on a personal level and I think that makes the experience SO MUCH better!

Today showed me that I can accomplish a lot in just one day and my goal from here on out will be to do 7 ops per day.