What’s it like to be a student at Lytle’s Beauty College?




Starting a new school can be scary, starting a new career even scarier. Here’s what our latest Cosmetology classes had to say about their first few weeks here at Lytle’s Beauty College.


“The first day of school was fantastic! I felt extremely welcomed by the teacher as well as the Sophomores. It was really thoughtful for them to put on a small breakfast for us newcomers. We went right into learning, the instructors made it very understandable and the demonstration was very helpful. When we got our kits, it felt like Christmas all over again. The first day was unforgettable and was a positive experience, better than any other school.”

– Eliana G.

“The nail chapter was challenging for me because of the diseases, disorders, and conditions. They all sounded the same but I eventually got through it. My favorite part about the first 6 weeks was the hair cutting. I was surprisingly, way better at it than I thought I would be. I got a lot of the guys in my apartment complex asking me to give them a fade so I was happy to get the practice. I absolutely believe I belong here at Lytle’s Beauty College. The people and staff here make it so comfortable. I love the energy and “family” like vibe here. It makes getting up early & going to school more enjoyable. I look forward to what I’m going to learn next.”

– Haley A.

“My first day at Lytle’s Beauty College was amazing. It was definitely better than I had expected it to be even though my expectations were really high. I have learned so much in this past week and I am so excited that there is so much more to learn. The staff and the students are so friendly and helpful. I know that when I graduate, I am going to be more than prepared to take my state board exam and work in a professional salon. I can’t wait to continue this journey and see where it takes me in life.”

– Ashley C.

“The first 6 weeks for me was a big challenge with so much book work, testing, and quizzes. I was so nervous for my final at the end but, I got a good grade. I finally found a comfortable way to study and memorize information for tests and I know the next 6 weeks will be much easier and fun for me and my classmates.”

– Yecenia M.

“My first day went very well. It wasn’t what i had really expected (not in a bad way!). It was just overwhelming and a ton of information to take in. The sophomores are great and really kind to us. I love Fari, she is by far the best instructor I have ever had and I’m so excited to see where this year takes me. I hope I’m good at what I do and make everyone here proud.”

– Carsen F.

“My first week of Lytle’s Beauty College has been great! Fari is amazing and a great teacher. The sophomores are super sweet to us freshman, which definitely makes it an easier transition. I’m very excited to get tot he color chapter, it’s what I’m most looking forward to. Also, it’s so nice coming to a school there the instructors know your name right away. It makes me feel/know you all really care about us.”

– Anonymous