The rebirth of urban barbering has been sweeping the nation for several years and just keeps getting stronger. Barber clients want hip, edgy, and trendy styles that only a barber can provide, which is why barber shops are flourishing! Always keeping pace with the beauty industry, Lytle’s is now offering a Cosmetologist to Barber Crossover Program.

We are proud to use the Milady’s Professional Barber, 5th Edition, textbook, workbook, and exam review for the Barber Crossover Program.

Have your Barber license in just a few short months

The college operates Sunday-Tuesday for the Barber Crossover Program. The 300 hours of training, required by the state, take approximately 3 ½ months to complete. These hours are well designed by our Curriculum Director and educational staff, combining a comprehensive primary training program in a high-energy atmosphere, in which students enjoy specialized training and smaller classes.

Get hands on experience

As a Barber student, you will spend time in our Student Salon, where you’ll gain the hands-on experience that ensures confidence. Using a variety of professional products and tools, our students gain the knowledge and skill needed for success. We’ll also train you to achieve superior customer service skills to help build and keep a busy clientele.

The career you’ve always wanted

A barber license can lead you in many different directions, providing a wide range of opportunities to practice your passion and expertise from both a business and artistic perspective. Below are some of the exciting positions you can apply for and areas of specialization with a Barber license.

  • Areas of Specialization
    • Barber / Barber Apprentice
    • Celebrity Barber
    • Master Barber
    • Men’s Hairstylist
    • Hair Color Specialist
    • Permanent Wave Specialist
    • Trichologist
    • Photo Stylist
    • Platform Artist
    • Cruiseline Specialist

  • Business Management
    • Barber Shop Owner
    • Barber Shop Manager
    • Barber Shop Operator
    • Product Buyer
    • Product Analyst
    • Business Consultant
    • Sales Executive
    • Manufacturer or Distributor
    • Industry Representative
    • State Board Inspector

  • Educator
    • School Educator
    • Salon Educator
    • School Director
    • Curriculum Director
    • Independent Educator
    • Product Educator

  • Communications
    • Trade Publication Editor or Writer
    • Freelance Writer
    • Conference Educator or Speaker

What you will learn

Barbers trim, shape, and taper hair. They use tools such as scissors, clippers, razors, and combs. When a barber grooms a client’s facial hair, he or she will apply lather to the area to be shaved, usually the beard or hair contour. The barber will then remove the unwanted hair using a razor. Barbers may also provide other services such as applying lotions, shampooing, styling, and coloring hair. In addition, a barber may perform massage services for the scalp, neck, and face.

In the Barber Crossover Program you will cover all curriculum of the Barber course that was not part of the required training or practice of a Cosmetologist. You will receive technical instruction and complete practical operations covering the subject of shaving which includes assessing the condition of the clients skin, performing shaving techniques (hot towel shaves, head and face shaving, as well as beard and mustache trimming), applying aftershave antiseptics following facial services, massaging the clients face and performing rolling cream massages. In addition, you will build on the information you learned as a student and practice as a licensed Cosmetologist to fine tune your men’s haircutting skills.

State Board Training

To prepare for the state exam, we offer state board training throughout your time with us, and mock state board tests given by our on-staff state board specialist toward the end of your training to pinpoint any areas you may need to focus on.

Enrollment/Class Start Dates

  • Monday, May 22, 2017
  • Monday, September 22, 2017

Class Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Hours per Week
8:30 – 5:00 8:30 – 5:00 2:00 – 8:00 22


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