A Day in the Life #3

Have you ever wondered what its like to be a student here at Lytle’s Redwood Empire Beauty College? Is it hard? Is it scary? What if I mess up? In this series called A Day in the Life… I share with you experiences from our students so wholesale jerseys you can see first hand what it’s like to be a student here at Lytle’s.

Read on to share in these personal moments…

FIRST WEEK ON THE FLOOR: 2/14/12 – 351 hours – Student designer

“First order of business, I bought some gel inserts for my shoes aap and have been loving life.

I am finally getting the hang of things on the salon floor… Everyone has been so helpful. Every day I Day get the chance to work with someone new. I have assisted some wholesale jerseys of the students who are farther along than I am and they have been amazing, gracious, been and eager to teach me. I am taking a hands on role in everything that métodos I do and have gotten tons of experience above and beyond what we learned in the classroom. I kind of miss the educational classroom sometimes in and have at times felt overwhelmed but in a good way. I wake up every day excited to check my schedule and see what I’m going to be up to that day.

Each time I have sollten a new client to work with or even my mannequin cheap nba jerseys I am getting time with educators and these great tips and techniques to improve my skills. Having people with year’s and year’s experience guiding us on the floor is amazing. I am in awe of every educator and I’m not just saying that . The critiques they give are so beneficial; I’m finding a solution to every problem and a página trick for every task. Overall the first wholesale jerseys week was exhausting, my barin and body need rest but I’m excited for next week.”