Meet & Greet: Monday: Brenda Keehn

Hey there, it’ another great day at Lytle’s. Today I want to share nother little piece of us with you and help you get to know The Staff better, which is why this is called Meet & Greet Monday.


Name: Brenda Keehn

1. Where were you born?

Tampa, Florida

2. How did you get started in this business?

My Manicurist suggested I go to Esthetics school.

3. What is your favorite snack food?

Snickers candy bars

4. What is a movie you could watch over and over again?

Murphy’s Romance

5. Do you have any special skills or talents?

I’ve always been really athletic and I was kind of a dare devil when I was younger. I used to tightrope walk our clothesline and swing set, hang from my toes and my heels from any bar I could find, walk up and down the stairs in a back bend, and jump off the roof of our house. I always wanted to be a stunt woman. I can still do a flip and hang by my heels. The last time I jumped off the roof of a house was when I was 42.

6. Are there any social causes close to your heart?

Wounded Warriors, VFW, American Cancer Society, Southern Baptist Missions, Boy Scouts, Judicial Watch, Hillsdale College, and Reagan Foundation.

7. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Empathetic, Energetic, and a Multi-tasker

8. Who is your role model?

My husband

9. What is your drink of choice?

Dr. Pepper

10. What is your favorite perfume/cologne?

Estee Lauder Youth Dew