Meet & Greet: Kayla Meints

It’s Meet & Greet Monday, which means it’s time for you to meet one of our wonderful and super talented students. Read the interview below.

Kayla Meints - Lytle's Student



Name: Kayla Meints

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Program: Cosmetology

Current Hours: 1522

Graduation Date: March 22, 2014


1. What made you choose beauty as a career?

I have always enjoyed doing hair; the most important thing when choosing a career is making sure you do what you love.

2. How did you decide to enroll at Lytle’s?

When I first came to an open house everyone was so open, loving, and excited for me to be here; it was a family that I knew I wanted to be a part of.

3. What is life like outside of school?

Very busy!! I’ve got a two year old at home so it is wonderfully busy.

4. What is your most memorable experience here at Lytle’s?

It is hard to choose just one, you make so many friends the memories are unending.

5. How has beauty changed your life?

My perception of beauty has changed more than beauty has changed my life; I’ve learned you can’t let it rule your life! That’s what I want to teach people.

6. Where do you see yourself after graduation ?

I hope to be an Educator here at Lytle’s! You never know what the future holds though!

7. Do you have any advice to anyone thinking about beauty as a career?

Understand the power you have to reach people and make them feel beautiful. We have the ability to change  people’s hearts and change the world!

8. Is there anything else that you would like to say or share?

Lytle’s is one of a kind and amazing. It will change your professional and personal life forever!