Meet & Greet Monday: Kim Krueger

Hey there, it’s another wonderful day here at Lytle’s. Today I want to share another little piece of us with you and help you get to know The Staff better, which is why this is is called Meet & Greet Monday.

Name: Kim Krueger

1. Where were you born?

Poughkeepsie, NY

2. Do you have any children?

Yes, I have 2 wonderful teenage girls.

3. What is your dream vacation?

The beach, anywhere on a sunny oceanfront.

4. What is your favorite snack food?


5. What are your 3 most listened to songs right now?

‘Til I Collapse (Eminem/Nate Dogg), On Any Given Day (Carbon Leaf), and anything by The Smiths.

6. If you could trade places with anyone, real or imaginary, dead or alive; who would it be and why?

Oh, I’m fine with just being me. I’ve kind of got being me figured out so I’d be too scared to have to start over being someone else.

7. Do you have any pets?

My daughter has a cat.

8. Who would be a dream client?

My dream client would be someone with enough money and time to see me once a week.

9. If there was a movie made about your life, who would you like to see play the lead?

Sandra Bullock

10. What has been the most significant accomplishment in your life? Why?

Raising 2 children because it is a crazy hard job.