Meet & Greet Monday: Matthew Roberts

It’s Meet & Greet Monday, which means it’s time for you to meet one of our wonderful and super talented students. Read the interview below.

Lytle's Student - Matthew RobertsTHE STATS

Name:  Matthew Roberts

Hometown: Kenwood, CA

Program: Cosmetology

Current Hours: 788

Graduation Date: September 2014


1. What made you choose beauty as a career?

Watching shows and reading magazines lead to an interest in beauty. I decided that I wanted to turn people into fashion icons and enhance their look by giving them confidence.

2. How did you decide to enroll at Lytle’s?

I heard about Lytle’s through an employee who used to be a student here.

3. What is life like outside of school?

I student, hang out with friends, and go places when I have time.

4. What is your most memorable experience here at Lytle’s?

The feeling of it being like a second home to me.

5. How has beauty changed your life?

I now put more effort into my style and try to be the best Cosmetologist I can. Also, I pay attention more to fashions, trends, looks, styles, etc…

6. Where do you see yourself after graduation?

In 1 year, I see myself working under someone at a salon in Santa Rosa. In 2 years, I see myself in Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York, working as a professional Hairstylist to the stars or at a high end salon.

7. Do you have any advice to anyone thinking about beauty as a career?

Keep up with the times, think positive, never give up, and don’t be afraid to step out of the box.