Meet & Greet Monday: Ryan “Sonny” Reed

Hey there, it’s another great day at Lytle’s. Today I want to share another little piece of us with you and help you get to know The Staff better, which is why this is called Meet & Greet Monday.


NAME: Ryan “Sonny” Reed

1. Where were you born?

Yuba City, CA

2. Do you have any kids?

I have one on the way, Olivia Anthony Reed.

3. What is your favorite snack food?

See’s Chocolates

4. What is a movie you could watch over and over again?

Princess Bride

5. Do you have any special skills or talents?

Fixing things and listening.

6. Are there any social causes close to your heart?

Giving all children an opportunity to have an education and to live out their potential.

7. As a child, what did you dream that you would grow up to be?

I wanted to be a Police Officer.

8. Why/how did you become an Educator?

Becoming an educator has given/gives me the opportunity to teach what I love and continue to grow as an artist.

9. How has beauty changed your life?

Beauty has helped my connection with friends and family, bringing intimacy with those I am of service to.

10. Do you have siblings? If yes, How many?

Yes I have a brother who is 10 years younger than me.