Think About it Thursday

Want to see what it might be like to be in Beauty College? Is it exciting and fin? Scary sometimes? (Hint: The answer is Yes to all!) But read on to look inside a day in the life of our students and why they wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

This Thursday see what the first day of class is like. Next Thursday we’ll take a look at what it feel like after the first 6 weeks.

The first day of a new career…

“This is something I’ve been looking forward to since I was just a little girl! I was full of both nerves and excitement, knowing that the day had finally begun for me to start my new career! Everyone was so nice and welcoming, especially the students that had been here a little longer than me! Right when Kathy started telling us about herself and the expectations, so to speak, of Lytle’s, you could tell that this wasn’t just a normal beauty school. People here act as one big family; encouraging, complimenting, and generally caring for one another. I couldn’t be more thrilled and excited to be here and I look forward to everyday on this ongoing journey through and beyond/after I leave Lytle’s REBC!” -Maranee C.

​”On my first day of my new life we were in the area of nails. I love getting my nails done so I was super excited about that. The diseases, conditions, and disorders of the nails were very interesting. The pictures really helped to show me what it truly looked like. I love everyone in my class and they were all very welcoming and helpful around the classroom. At first, I was very nervous coming into a school where I didn’t know a single person, but I’ve already met some amazing girls and I feel like we’ve known each other forever. We eat lunch together, we’re partners for everything, we joke around, and we study together. Doing all of this has made my first week fo school amazing and I’m so happy I started here. I love it!” -Jazymne Taylor

​”I was very nervous my first day, I didn’t know what to expect. I got to class early and found that most people were already there. The teachers introduced themselves and seemed very nice, which made me relax some. After the introductions we pretty much jumped right into the lesson. It was a little overwhelming at first but the teachers and students who had already been here for 6 weeks were very helpful. The day flew by, before I knew it the day was over and I had finished my first day as a Cosmetology Student. Even with how fast paced and overwhelming the first day seemed, it was a lot of fun.” -Jessica Rankin

“​My first day at Lytle’s was really exciting for me. Everyone was extremely nice and welcoming. All of the staff and teachers are very helpful. Even though all the information was new and somewhat overwhelming at first, class was fin and interesting. The seven hour class day went by really fast, I expected it to feel much longer. I can’t wait to see how the year at Lytle’s goes, I think it will be great.” -Cosmetology Student about Day 1

“My first day here went really well and was way better than I expected. Coming into this I thought it was going to be very long and boring days just learning out of a book. The teachers are so great and have the perfect way of teaching. They don’t overload us with too much information at once and I love how we start the day off learning new things and then practicing the new things. It’s the perfect balance for me and I look forward to coming to school knowing each day I am getting closer to achieving my goals. The teachers make it easy to open up and if we don’t understand how to do something they are more than happy to re-explain and help. They never think a question is stupid, so I’m not afraid to ask questions when I don’t fully understand something. I’m so grateful to be here and can’t wait to continue my time here and learn as much as I can.” -Charleen Vierra

“My very first few days have been exciting to say the least. I have learned so much in only a few days. I hope to learn even more in the next few weeks. As for the classroom atmosphere, everyone is so welcoming, Fari and Austin are such wonderful teachers. I am excited to learn from them and I already like their teaching methods. I’m excited to see what is next to learn.” -Alexis Garth

“I couldn’t have asked for a better first day here at Lytle’s! Having not been in school for a few months, I was nervous but quickly that changed. Right away I made some friendships that I can tell will last throughout our time here and even after that. The people who sit around me are very helpful and always ready to answer and questions I have. Right after we all introduced ourselves to Fari and then she went back and said all of our names which impressed me that she had them down so fast. I also noticed how Kathy was with all of us when she came into the classroom. I loved seeing that she is not only a business owner, but actually goes in depth with the students of her school.” -Samantha Noel