Think About it Thursday

Want to see what it might be like to be in Beauty College? Is it exciting and fun? Scary sometimes? (Hint: The answer is Yes to all!) But read on to look inside a day in the life of our students and why they wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

This Thursday see what the first day of class is like. Next Thursday we’ll take a look at what it feel like after the first 6 weeks.

The first day of a new career…

“My first day was exciting. Everyone was friendly and extremely welcoming. The sophomores greeted us with breakfast. There was juice, fruit, bagels, muffins, etc. It was a great way to start the day. We started learning about skin right away. Everyone gave us advice about how to keep up in the class. At lunch some of the girls went to Starbucks, it was a good bonding experience.” – Cosmetology student about day 1

” The Sophomores were very welcoming and so helpful, which made the first day so much more enjoyable. Theory was a little overwhelming, but once we started putting our stuff in our lockers and doing practical work it was really fun. I have always wanted to “do hair” and this school makes me love it even more! These classes actually make me WANT to do homework. I’m so glad I came to Lytle’s.” – Danielle D.

” My first day at Lytle’s Redwood Empire Beauty College was exciting and fun! All the girls were really nice and welcoming. We learned all about skin and facials. The facial was really relaxing and I loved learning how to do it. Learning about the different types of skin as well as knowing why certain peoples skin is darker or lighter than others is so cool and interesting. Beauty school so far is so much fun and I can’t believe I get to go to such a wonderful school. I’m having way too much fun for being in school! I can’t wait to learn more and to start my career cause this is something I’ve wanted to do since I was little.” – Rebekah M.

” My first day at school was full of excitement and nerves. Everyone I met had a welcoming smile and was very comforting. We learned about a couple of topics right off the bat. Both teachers are so great, I love how welcome they make everyone feel. I can’t wait to learn more! – Hannah O.

” The first day was everything I expected it to be. It was stimulating, exciting, and a wonderful start to a new career. Everyone from my fellow classmates to the educators are so positive and happy to be here. It’s been a while since I’ve been in school and I was a little worried about how I’d “do”. I have to say I was a little overwhelmed at first but every thing seems to be clicking just fine. That’s a relief! I am absolutely thrilled to be here. It was a struggle to decide to completely change my life; move, quit my career, and move away from my family. After my first week I can say that I’m so glad I had the courage to come here and be part of this institution. Thank you for accepting me into your family.” – Lani M.

” My first day was great! We began with the study of skin! The sophomore girls are very nice and helpful! Fari is a great teacher! The girls in my class are very nice and I’ve already made great connections with some of the girls! I’m looking forward to my remaining 1600 hours. Every morning I wake up excited to come to school, which is a feeling I’ve never had! I love REBC!” – Mika B

” My first day was so exciting and nerve racking. I didn’t think I would be learning so much in the first few days, but I feel like I already know so much. I’m a little overwhelmed witht he workload but I know I’ll get used to it really quick. I really like all fo the girls in my class and feel like I’ve already made some really good friends. I’m excited to see what the rest of this year has in store.” – Taylor M.

” I have had a great experience since the minute I got here. Fari is a great teacher and helps with anything she can. Everyone has been nice and has helped me in any way. I feel welcome and comfortable here. I can’t wait to experience the rest of my time here at Lytle’s!” – Shannon H.