Think About It Thursday: A Day in the Life

Want to see what it might be like to go to Lytle’s Redwood Empire Beauty College? Is it exciting and fun? Scary sometimes? (Hint: The answer is Yes!) But read on to look inside a day in the life and why our students wouldn’t trade a minute of it in A Day in the Life Blog posts…


Hi! My name is Lo and I’m a current student at Lytle’s REBC. I graduate in a few months and can’t wait to be working out in the industry! Now, I don’t really want to be working full time behind a chair at a salon. Instead, I really want to do competition work and editorial hair and makeup styling. I’m obsessed with avant garde styling and the artistic side of doing hair. I dream of pastel colored, high texturized hair paired with dark lips and brightly painted eyes. Not necessarily what your everyday client is looking for, but I’ll find the ones who are! I also really want to open a mobile salon and boutique, but that’s farther down the line when I want to settle down a bit. So naturally, when I heard about the Junior Style Stars Competition, I knew I had to enter. I’d done a few competitions at school and thought it’d be a fun experience and the next step in getting my name out there.

For those of you not in the know, The Junior Style Stars National Hair Competition is an exciting and challenging way for students all around the country to showcase their talents as young hairdressers. By submitting either a Bridal or Men’s Styling themed mannequin, each Cosmetologist in training gets a chance to win amazing prizes and gain memories from an experience of a lifetime. Sounds amazing, right? Sure, there was a cost to enter and it meant adding even more to my busy schedule, but I knew it’d be worth it in the end. So I took the plunge and signed up for the bridal styling part of the competition. As a contestant of Junior Style Stars, I received a box full of goodies required for my participation: 2 mannequin heads, directions for getting my completed mannequin photographed at JC Penny’s, a little card with my contestant identification number and a free can of hairspray. As an added bonus for being one of the first 100 to enter, I got a rad Babyliss Flat Iron!

Entering the competition meant I had to complete a full bridal look on a mannequin including ornamentation, hair color, and of course an updo fit for a real bride on her wedding day. On top of that, the mannequin could only be worked on during school hours. Once I got my practice mannequin in the mail I got down to business and began plotting my plan of attack. My style of hair design is extremely avant garde and not so subtle, but I knew I wanted to take a more classic approach and touch on the glamorous and wearable part of hairstyling. I deliberated on what I wanted to achieve and I chose to showcase a soft, almost Victorian look. I imagined cream and silky pastel violet flowers with hair that seemed to organically undulate and wrap around in an asymmetrical updo with color peaking out of the swirls. To complete the look, I fashioned a handmade fascinator and bodice out of tulle, satin, lace, and purple and white flowers. I spent as much time as I could practicing technique and drawing up designs for the hair color and updo. Time certainly flew and then it I had to actually execute the final look. Overall, I feel like the final results were what I wanted. Of course, I wish that the color could have worked out as I had originally planned, but it still ended up flowing nicely with the whole concept. We’re always our own worst critics, so there’s definitely things I would have done differently. At the end of the day, it was such a blast and I accomplished everything I wanted.

Getting the mannequin head photographed was, by far, the most amusing part. Let me tell you, walking through the mall with a doll head was super akward. I guess not everyone likes carrying heads around with them? So after submititng myself to severe rubbernecking outside JC Penny’s, I was relieved to finally get my bride’s picture’s taken. It also kind of finalized the whole journey for me. I was finally done with my end of the competition and therefore was waaay less stressed. Then, of course, I got antsy all over again just thinking about the rounds of judging that were about to ensue. About a week after getting my bride photographed, I got an email saying that they couldn’t find my pictures! I was a nervous wreck for a hot minute, but they found them and all was well.

Finally all of the entries were posted on the Junior Style Stars website and now judging is going on as I write this! So far I’ve made it through to the 4th round of judging, and am hoping to make it into the top 10 finalists. I already feel proud of how far I’ve made it and the challenge I gave myself. I really like that I grew as a hair dresser through out this competition and am so happy I took the plunge and entered. I also realized how much I enjoy doing competition work and have already started working on entries for other competitions. Here’s hoping I make it through the next few rounds of judging! You should check out all the beautiful brides by clicking here.


As proud of her as we are and were here at Lytle’s, Lo did not make it to the end of the competition. She didn’t let that stop her, as she kept entering any competition that came up here in school and otherwise. She was chosen again as a finalist in the avant garde category of the Bay Area Student Hairdresser Awards student competition which took place in June. June was a busy month for Lo as she graduated, took and passed her state board licensing exam and then the next day competed in the final round of the competition.

Lo we are so proud of you and support you in all your endeavors to make your dreams come true.