Think About it Thursday

Have you ever thought about beauty as a career? Wondered if you’d even like Beauty College? Well here’s your chance so peek inside and she what’s happening here at Lytle’s. Today’s post is from Zone 1 students with just 6 weeks of training. How was the first six weeks of school? Read on to find out.

“This has been and continues to be the best experience of my life. I love coming to school and I like the teaching format so far. It is clean, concise, and easy to comprehend. This school is so lucky to have an educator like Fari! She is a wonderful teacher. If I had Fari as my teacher in elementary, junior and high school; I’m sure my grades then would have been much better! So, hats off to you for a great education and my future career!” – Katrina P.

” I really enjoyed my first six weeks at REBC. Everyone is so helpful, especially the educators. They are all so hands on and I feel like they all genuinely want us to succeed. We started in the skin section which was a little overwhelming, but afterwards when we moved on to color, I loved it! Color felt like it came very natural to me. I really enjoyed seeing the hair color change and being able to see each step of it. I really look forward to moving to the floor and being able to apply all these concepts to actual clients.” – Krista H.

“My first 6 weeks have been amazing! I love everything. Fari is the best teacher, you can really see how much she cares about her students and making sure they succeed. Austin is also great! I love having him in the classroom, he is a great instructor and he also really cares for his students. All of the information I learned my first 6 weeks really made me excited to be here and continue my education throughout this program (and of course after I graduate too). All of the staff here is wonderful! I already think that this is an amazing school and I can’t wait to see how much I learn and grow!” – Nicole S.

“I have appreciated the motivation is the staff to create empowered career oriented individuals as opposed to cookie cutter replicas off of a factory line. We are encouraged and emboldened to find who we are while maintaining a high level of respect and achievement.

I have never been an A student. I have never felt it important to receive high marks. At REBC, I enjoy what I’m learning and the manner in which we learn, lecture ​AND​ hands on. I am most proud to sya I ended my initial 6 weeks with a 98% overall grade. I could not be happier knowing I worked hard every moment of every day in class and having it pay off. It wasn’t my easiest accomplishment by any means, but it is one of my most valued” – ​Fiance W.

” The first six weeks were full of change for me. For the first time in my life I received 100% on a test and worked hard to get it. All of the self limiting beliefs I had about myself academically and some of my value systems which were negative, I was able to challenge and have proved myself to be a smart, driven, and talented young woman. I did have my moments where I did not see myself ever understanding something but with the help of Austin and Fari, I ended the chapters with confidence. My biggest challenge had been trying to find a way to incorporate my style and technique into what I do. Slowly I am about who I really am everyday at REBC.” – Hilary F.

” I’ve had such and awesome experience the first 6 weeks. I learned so much that I’ve already applied to my life. I’m so excited and eager to move forward in my life as a successful hair designer and salon owner and use all that I’ve learned here at REBC. I’m so thrilled to be completing my last 6 weeks here in Zone 1 (basic training) and finally go down tot he floor and work on real clients. This school is truly a family.” – Chelsea F.