Wall of Fame Wednesday: Natalie Morrow

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for The Wall of Fame. The Wall of Fame is our chance to show off our Student of the Week and let you learn a little about each amazing student here at Lytle’s.

This week we honor Natalie Morrow!!



Name: Natalie Morrow

Hometown: Rohnert Park, CA

Program: Cosmetology

Current Hours: 1458

Graduation Date: November 2, 2012


1. What made you choose beauty as a career?

My mother is a Hair Stylist, so I have been surrounded by it my whole life. I know what to expect going into it and it initially was going to be my back up plan, but it became my passion.

2. How did you decide to enroll at Lytle’s?

I went to the orientation and the staff and students were so welcoming, I also liked the family-like atmosphere the school focuses on.

3. What is life like outside of school?

I recently moved into a new home with my boyfriend, so I’ve been putting my new home together. I try to relax outside of school.

4. What is your most memorable experience here at Lytle’s?

I definitely never thought I would make as many friends as I have here. everyday here brings something amazing.

5. How has beauty changed your life?

It has taught me how to better take care of myself. It has given me a greater respect for strangers and a desire to make people feel good. It has also made me more outgoing and more of a risk taker.

6. Where do you see yourself after graduation?

I’ve imagined myself at a small, cozy, yet trendy salon. I would like to provide a more personal experience for my clients. I would also love to one day, work in San Francisco.

7. Do you have nay advice to anyone thinking about beauty as a career?

You have to be a people pleaser. You have to be able to keep cool under stress and above all, you have to have a good heart. You’re not only a hairstylist, you’re also a therapist.