Wall of Fame Wednesday: Victoria Giuliani

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for The Wall of Fame. The Wall of Fame is our chance to show off our Student of the Week and let you learn a little bit about each one of our amazing students here at Lytle’s.

This week we honor Victoria Giuliani!



Name: Victoria Giuliani

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Program: Cosmetology

Current Hours: 1422

Graduation Date: October 12, 2012


1. What made you choose beauty as a career?

I have always loved fashion. Staying up on current makeup and hair trends has also always interested me.

2. How did you decide to enroll at Lytle’s?

I have a handful of friends who have gone through the program and loved it. Lytle’s is the best school around!

3. What is life like outside of school?

My husband and I have 3 children; ages 12, 14, & 16. It’s a whirlwind of action when I get home. I come to school for peace.

4. What is your most memorable experience here at Lytle’s?

Making such wonderful friends. Beauty school is everything I thought it would be and more. My most memorable moment would have to be with Andre in Zone 1.

5. How has beauty changed your life?

It is a dream come true to fulfill my passion in Hair Design.

6. Where do you see yourself after graduation?

I see myself working as an assistant and taking it to the next level in Hair cutting and coloring, continuous education.

7. Do you have and advice to anyone thinking about beauty as a career?

It’s never too late to go for your dream job.