Happy Anniversary Janet Y.

You are terrifically tireless, exceptionally excellent, abundantly appreciated and… magnificent beyond words! So glad you’re part of our team! Happy 19th Anniversary.

Happy Birthday Sara F.

Happy Birthday Sara! From all of us here at Lytle’s Beauty College.

Happy Anniversary Amy B.

This company’s future is sure to be bright with team members like you! Happy Anniversary!

Happy Birthday Kylie S.

Happy Birthday Kylie! From all of us at Lytle’s Beauty College.

Happy Birthday Austin T.

Happy Birthday Austin, from ll of us at Lytle’s Beauty College.

Happy Anniversary Austin T.

An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it. Congratulations on 6 successful years.

Happy Anniversary to Kim K.

An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it. Congratulations on 6 successful years.

February Monthly Product Specials

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What’s it like to be a student at Lytle’s Beauty College?

Starting a new school can be scary, starting a new career even scarier. Here’s what our latest Cosmetology classes had to say about their first few weeks here at Lytle’s Beauty College.


“Coming in, I had no idea what to expect. Not being from Santa Rosa and not knowing anyone that was going to be in my class made me extremely nervous. I arrived 45 minutes early (very glad I did) and got to calm myself down before I came in. When I did come in to class Fari greeted me and made me feel very comfortable. When we all got clocked in and ready to go it was silent and all I could think was; it’s always going to be like this and I’m going to make no friends”. I was very wrong! Once we started looking through our books and the day went on it all got much more comfortable. I honestly feel that if we didn’t have Fari it would be very hard to feel as comfortable as we do. She is the most accepting teacher I have ever had, I love her!”

– Hailey D.

” I was a little overwhelmed at first but after the first weeks I was very happy. Our Sophomores were so inviting and were also helpful. My first test I didn’t use the tools I was told to use and didn’t do so well but after I started using the online learning and other tolls we were given I did much better. I loved the color chapter and even though wrapping a perm isn’t something I would like to do everyday, I still enjoyed it that chapter as well. Fari is so helpful and kind. She makes me want to be interested in what I am learning. Sonny was helpful during finals by making it easy to explain the steps for each application. I am very happy here and that I can for the first time say, I love what I am learning about! Fari is a wonderful teacher and makes you feel like no questions is a dumb question.”

– Madison G.

” My first day was very exciting but a bit nerve wracking at first. Once class started I was more calm because the staff is really welcoming and comforting. The Sophomores in the class were also really nice and helpful. After all the typical first day of school stuff it was really cool diving right into theory and manicuring. I think it’s really great that there’s a lot of hands on learning and it made me really excited and anxious (in a good way) to go through schooling here at Lytle’s. “

– Cynthia C.

” My first 6 weeks was awesome! My Sophomores were super welcoming as well as helpful with any questions I had. I was never afraid to ask the teacher of fellow students any questions.

  I was afraid mostly for the tests but Fari goes over the material so much during the week that it is pretty munch ingrained your mind by the time the test comes along.

  The best part is learning in an environment where everyone wants to grow ass well as see everyone else grow. Everyone always has a positive attitude.”

– Kayla S.


Pure Glam – Dry Bar is Hiring!

Pure Glam – Dry Bar is Hiring!

Pure Glam — Dry Bar is looking for upbeat, talented stylists, who have a passion for sustainable products and choose to embrace the ‘greener’ things in life.

What is Pure Glam?

Pure Glam is an eco friendly dry bar opening in Corte Madera’s Town Center in September. We offer pure, elegant hair care made with organically grown and sustainably sourced ingredients that are not only effective, but also good for you and for the environment. Hand crafted without chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, dyes, or fillers. Cruelty free, Pure Glam’s products provide the hair and scalp with the nourishment it needs and deserves.

What we’re looking for:

We want our stylists to appreciate that our clients are Pure Glam’s #1 focus. We strive to provide our clientele with not only fabulous hair but also the best customer service possible. By using only Pure Glam’s hair care products, stylists will provide services including: wash, blow out/style, and updo’s. In addition, stylists should posses a love and passion for hair and it’s creativity, we want you to grow with our company and help support and expand our organic hair care line.

Employee Status:

Full-time / Part-time


  • Able to preform the following physical requirements including, but not limited to:
  • Continuous standing / walking for a minimum of 8 hours.
  • Unpack and lift boxes up to 40 pounds.
  •  Continuous bending of neck, arms, torso and legs for a minimum of 8 hours.
  •  Maintain a clean station area, equipment and tools.
  •  Stock and fill product shelves, drawers and stations.
  •  Commitment to a green eco friendly environment.
  •  Physical contact with clients and/or customers.
  •  Maintain compliance with State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and State Board of Health rules and regulations.
  •  Consistent and reliable attendance.
  •  Accurate use of timekeeping system — making sure you are on task with your appointment times.
  •  Perform all other duties as assigned.


  •  Retail sales and service history.
  •  Flexibility regarding work hours; ability to work nights, weekends, and some holidays.
  •  Flexibility regarding work location as we will offer onsite services for special events and bridal services.
  •  Embrace and support change in a positive manner.
  •  Comfortable and competent at blow out, styling, up-do and makeup services.
  •  Strong communication skills.
  •  Adept at problem solving.
  •  Flexible and adaptable to client and customer needs.


hourly + service commission + retail commission

If Pure Glam seems like the right fit for you, please respond with a copy of your resume including days and times you are available.

*feel free to attach photo portfolio of styles and/or makeup applications you have done in the past.

Pure Glam is an equal opportunity employer.

Email: allana@pureglamdrybar.com