Meet the Lytle’s Beauty College staff! We are an experienced group of motivated educational and administrative staff, with a common goal, of excellence in  education. As a highly trained staff, we are excited to share our love of the beauty industry and assist students with meeting their educational goals.

Kathleen Lytle, Owner / Mentor

Licensed Cosmetologist since 1978

Valued employee since 1976



Patricia Rose, President

Valued employee since 1998

REBC Staff 10-11-12-160


Amanda Keith, Vice President

Licensed Cosmetologist since 1998

Valued employee since 1997



Kim Krueger, Director of Education

Licensed Cosmetologist since 2009

Valued employee since 2011




Brenda Keehn, Lead Business Administrator / Student Services

Licensed Esthetician since 2006

Valued employee since 2006


Kylie Simao, Admissions Leader / Financial Aid

Licensed Cosmetologist since 2009

Valued employee since 2009



Shenaya Muniz, Admissions

Licensed Esthetician since 2010

Valued employee since 2012


Janet Yiznitsky, Lead Receptionist

Valued employee since 1998
REBC Staff 10-11-12-335


Farideh Saharkhizan, Lead Educator – Zone 1

Licensed Cosmetologist since 2000

Valued employee since 2006

Susan Powers, Cosmetology Educator

Licensed Cosmetologist since 2011

Valued employee since 2013



Sara Freedman, Cosmetology Educator

Licensed Cosmetologist since 1997

Valued employee since 2014



Joann Fife, Cosmetology Educator

Licensed Cosmetologist since 1991

Valued employee since 2016



Eve Marcovitch, Cosmetology Educator

Licensed Cosmetologist since 2012

Valued employee since 2012



Amy Bertozzi, Esthetics Educator

Licensed Esthetician since 2013

Valued employee since 2015




Sara Odom, Esthetics Educator

Licensed Esthetician since 2013

Valued employee since 2015



Jamie Berry, Esthetics Educator

Licensed Esthetician since 2002

Valued employee since 2016


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